Welcome to Don’t Turn The Channel. My name is James Thomas, an avid lover of all things fitness, healthy eating, and always looking and feeling your best. I am from a very small Southern town in South Carolina where we love all things Southern, from the food we eat, down to the shoes on our feet. I created my blog to express my passion for these things and to share some fashion ideas with those of you who also have that passion for fashion. Don’t turn the channel stands for that guy who creates his idea of fashion and incorporating it with the old and new fashion that’s out. Don’t change your style to fit everyone else’s. Don’t turn the channel always be you!! I know your probably thinking, what does a guy know about fashion? Well that is the exact purpose of my blog; to represent the everyday man in a blog that covers multiple aspects of fashion. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town, that first big date, deciding what to wear to an interview, how to dress for the gym, or trying to build up your self-confidence by finding your very own style, this blog is here to help take you through those big moments! I will be creating fashionable looks from clothing that I find at thrift shops, vintage stores, stores that don’t break the budget, and stores where you might have a little extra dough to treat yourself, and mixing them together with things out of my very own closet, because every man should show up and show out in style!! Let’s redefine the quote “BALLIN on a BUDGET” by taking your style and making it “YOUR” own. I hope you enjoy!! -JT