Banging Blue For Autumn

Banging Blue For Autumn
May 25, 2016 James Thomas
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It’s true what they say, the more years that pass in our lifetime the faster they go, I believe it’s down to the growing responsibilities we entail as we grow older and the time we have becomes more precious. It only feels a week ago I was buying my spring summer attire and yet here we are again on the brink of Autumn.

I’m completely in love with all shades of blue. Some people will tell you to get rid of all your spring and summer colors when that season leaves, but having your own unique style says otherwise. That is why when I feel like having a casual look for my evening or night attire; I pull out my favorite midnight blue blazer. I am absolutely crazy about this blazer just because it is something I can wear any time of day, during every season of the year. I got this from a Goodwill right in my home town, and I only paid $10.00 bucks for it!! Most Goodwill’s should have a section of mixed matched suit jackets and blazers that can all be re-purposed to match your own unique style during any season, and a must for any gent’s wardrobe.

I teamed this blazer with a baby blue buttoned up sleeveless shirt that I only paid $2.99 for from the same Goodwill, and some casual distressed denim American Eagle Outfitter jeans from the racks of my very own closet. Every man needs a pair of comfortable; well fitted denim jeans that he can pair with any casual look for any afternoon or evening occasion. I accessorized with just a casual brown belt, a pocket square with an array of different shades of blue from my very own closet, and a pair of vintage sunglasses with a tint of blue in the lenses from eBay for only $3.99 to give my outfit a little personality. Now that Autumn is here and I am slightly obsessed with these boots. I finished my looked with my favorite Lacrosse uplander rustic brown boots that I got on sale from JCpenny for $21.99. These boots are a must have for every man’s wardrobe because there versatile and you can pair them with any look. This look is great for a casual Friday workday or a date night out on the town with that special girl in your life.

Remember guys its fall, but you don’t have to stick to any certain fall style or color. If you chose to do so, make that work for your personal style!! You are unique and allow your style to showcase that!! –JT


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